About Me

I’m a Norwegian 1976 model. Married with Elisabeth and father to Aurora and Stella.

I have been a proud computer geek since my parents bough me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum for X-mas in 1982. Since then I’ve been hacking on all types of machinery as my main hobby. I released a few machine coded scene demos in the years from 1988 to about 1996. I switched from C64/Amiga to PC and Linux in 1998 and have been running it since.
I’m one of the original authors of the open source graphing tool Munin and I still try to contribute to the open source community.

I have a Bachelor in Information Technology from the University of Oslo, and a Masters in Computer Forensics from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. I’ve worked as a programmer, then a sysadmin, and then Head of IT Operations at Linpro (now Redpill-Linpro) from 2000 to 2008.
I currently work as Head of IT Operations at VG, most known for the Norways largest online newspaper www.vg.no and in the tech-world as the creators of Varnish

I have a background as a officer in the Telemark Battalion and served in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1997, but I’m not especially happy with the current state and view of operations to move away from “Defence Only”.

Random other things: Love and own a Classic Mini Cooper S, worked many years as a bouncer at student parties, Capoeirista, Head of the local computer club at the University.