My Mini Trashed

This Is not my not my day, not even my week.
Woke up with a anoying headache after too much Baileyes together with James last night. I strained my neck trying to get out of bed. Crawled over to James and checked my email. A friend of mine, Maja, had sent me a mail sugesting that I went out to the parkinglot and took a closer look at Morris.
Went out and found Morris, raped and molested.
Someone has tried to break into him, unsuccessfully. Then they destroyed the doors and bashed two windows and tried to start him, unsuccessfully. Then they stole the stereoequipment (Boston accustics loudspeakers, Sony car-minidisc-player and a Sony 10-CDchanger) ripped out all the interior. Stole parts of the engine and the battery. All this during Saturday night on the parkinglot of Fjellbirkland Studentby. It’s impossible to do that without being seen by students comming home from town etc.
Please, if you have seen or heard anything about this. Contact me ASAP.
None of the other cars in the parkinglot was touched, so this has to be a ordered operation. Someone wanted this car. Pity they didn’t manage to start it. Not even break into it without climbing in the windows. =) A very unprofesional job, done by unprofesional people.

Some day I may have the money to rebuild Morris…